Thursday, January 29, 2009

Card for a Friend-Girl!

From the side.

front view!

I just got the most awesome DP from SU!- Urban Oasis! I love this DP because it's not your typical pink-for-girl type of color but has dark and vibrant colors that are modern and tre chic, hehe. So, with chic in mind I designed my own girly purse. I used a stamp from the Happy Heart stamp set and stamped it on the purse for a floral look! I used brads t hold the ribbon (ribbon is the handle). Cute huh? I'm actually impressed that I came up with this idea. My hubby saw the card and thought it was a basket!!! made me want to redesign the shape of the purse!  As for the lettering, I used Kraft paper to print the sentiment, Mistral is the font found in a Word doc. Let me know what you think!!!!

-Clouds :o)


MÂȘ Engracia said...

Me encanta!!! I like very much!!!! Lovely!!!

Annapurna said...

What a lovely card. Great idea with the cute little bag and handle. Wonderful!

Savitri said...

This is too too cute! What a great idea for the purse. I love how you did the ribbon, just perfect for the purse! Awesome!!

Mandy said...

This is wonderful! I love it! Thanks for sharing!
- Mandy

Fiona Whitehead said...

Stunning card!