Friday, February 13, 2009

A Happy Valentine's Day Pot...For my Hubby!

For my hubby :o)

I can't believe I made this, haha.

There's that gorgeous ribbon again!

So, I made this for my hubby. Cute huh? I have been very bad lately because I've never really given him something for Valentine's Day except for the usual card, and sometime no card at all, I know! But I'm making it up to him this time. We don't usually celebrate anything but Valentine's Day partly because our 3yr anniversary is on Feb 17th and my mom and dad's is on Valentine's Day, I know, cheesy huh? But yeah, and not to mention the mood during this holiday is hyped up so, that's why. But he doesn't know I made it for him, so shhhhhhh...

But here is the flower pot/heart pot. I saw something like this on a card book once except it was for a Xmas felt tree, so I decided to make a heart pot. So, I found a heart template online (google: heart template) and printed it, stuck it on the brown felt and cut the heart shape out. I bought some cute heart shaped buttons at Michael's and sewed it on, punched out some heart shapes from card stock and adhered it to the card with brads. I then used regular green color thread and sewed the edges, before I sewed the whole edge I stuffed the inside with cotton balls and inserted the stick/small dowel on as well and sewed the whole thing up, tied some of that gorgeous yellow ribbon around the pot too. Easy but it takes a little bit of time to assemble the whole thing, but pretty straight forward. I bought heart shaped peanut butter cups (cuz those are his fav) and filled the ceramic flower pot with it, tadah!!!! Oh, and stamped the sentiment as well!!

Pheww! That's it, let me know what you think!

P.S: I'm by no means a master at this, it just came to me and turned out just fine! So you can do it too! If it's not too late ;o) oh and a Happy Valentine's Day to all of you wonderful women who care to come by my blog!!! Thanks ladies!

Clouds :o)


Angie Tieman said...

WOW! This is the cutest Valentine project ever!! I wish I had seen it in time to copy and make it for my husband! It's so much better than what I got him (nothing)! lol! I have to save it and remember for next year! TFS!

Stephanie Hargis said...

Wowza girl! This is one fabulous project! Talent just radiates from you! :D I am so glad to see that you have been creative! You need a subscription box so that I always know when you get updates! Hehe!

Savitri said...

This is stinkin' cute!!!! I am about ready to felt something - a doll mostly for my M. You did awesome, girl!!!

Anthonette said...

Hi Clouds, I was just adding your site to my Google Reader...WOW, this project was awesome! So cute. I need to remind myself to try this next year.

You should submit this for publication when magazines start calling for V-day's THAT cute!