Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Card

up close on the sentiment

there's that gold button ;o)

I did a good job on tying the bow too!

So, it's been a while since I made one, just because I got bored using the same birthday stamps over and over again. But today I bought some new ones (can't remember what the name of the brabd is but I got it at Michael's) and used them right away. I've been shopping a lot lately at Archiver's and to my surprise I saw the awesome Theresa Collins DP and bought some of those as well. I must day though, I've been making too many cards lately that it's beginning to scare me! Oh well, it just means I'm very creative these day ;o)

Ok, the card speaks for itself. Very elegant and very girly. I put a lot of thought into this card because I wanted it to be just beautiful, and I think I succeed! And oh man, did the pics turn out just wonderful, there was a lot of good lighting on this one! Anyways, have a good wkend and let me know what you think of the card!

Take it easy,
Clouds ;o)


Savitri said...

Oh, it looks beautiful!!!!! I love it. I usually stay away from gold but that gold on the pink and black is just perfect! You did awesome!!

Now, if you make a lot and send a lot then it's great. If you're like me... make a lot and send little then uhm... :) I have a hard time parting with mine he he... I just love making them. Sending is a whole other story :P Have a great weekend!!!

Mandy said...

This is wonderful! GORGEOUS!
- Mandy

CeeCee said...

Absolutely gorgeous. And yes, you did a fantastic job with the bow. I like the way you incorporated the brad with it.