Friday, April 17, 2009

Good old Colorado weather!

Hellems building to yer left, and Chem to yer right (CU-Boulder)...
it wasn't that bad in the early am.

The Chem building...this is where I currently reside, or at least it feels like it! 
And what is up with the fountains still running?!

And, then...later in the pm, it started to get crazy, but 
the trees were beautiful doh!

poor hubby trying to get the car ready!

Yeah, tons of snow. but don't worry, I made it to the car
through all that snow...didn't know if I'd make it, haha!

So, Spring is officially here, but it don't quite look like it judging by the crazy weather outside! In just a couple of hours it turned into heavy snowing and it was wet packed heavy snow! I didn't feel like making cards today, so I just took these pics on our way out to get dinner. It was not fun driving out, ughh! I bet Steph had a similar experience! 

Take it easy,
Clouds :o)


Mª Engracia said...

brrrr. How cool!!!!!!

Stephanie Hargis said...

You were completely right! Haha! I can't believe how hard we got hit. In the valley where we live now it wasn't too bad (just a little over a foot) but out where we are building our house we got almost 2 feet! I can't believe it!

Dual said...

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Savitri said...

HAPPY SPRING!!! Ha ha, thought I'd give you some "warm" love :P

It's not bad here, just nice calm rain. Perfect for sleeping all day :) The pics are gorgeous, but uhm, I'm hoping your snow doesn't come my way. I was sun and warm!!!

Have a great one and stay warm!