Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Card!



Whoa! This has been one busy week for sure. I've asked myself several times this wk "What did I get myself into?" or "Why did I ever think this would be a good idea?" I'm referring to the classes I decided to take during the summer. I'm a senior this yr in college, I'm trying to get done just in time for graduation next yr so, I'm crossing me fingers that it'll go as planned. Which is why I'm taking classes this summer. It's taking all of my time, which is fine but, I don't get to be craft as much as I would like to :( I had some free time today to make this card. I love gift card size cards (does that make sense?) I find that they are easy to make, and not much to it. This card is made with some floral type PP, cute sentiment and the most awesome butterfly punch out ever. I love this punch! An of course ribbon, always, some ribbon. This one is from Martha Stewart that I found over at Michael's, in fact, all the material can be found at Michael's. Have a happy wkend!

Clouds :D


Anthonette said...

Cute! I love the cork layer. Now that I have a Big Shot, I forget that I can die cut cork. Thanks for the inspiration!

~amy~ said...

cute! love the cork! Happy Friday!!

Angie Tieman said...

Awesome card! Love that paper, the cork layer and the beautiful butterfly on top! Hope your school goes well...and you get craft time squeezed in there!

Cheryl Richter said...

Hi Clouds,

thanks for your comment at my blog! Your cards are fantastic! Very pretty!

Hugs xxx Cheryl

thefrugalcrafter said...

ove the paper, is it American Crafts? I think I will swing into Micheals next week, My 15the HS reunion is going on conviently located near a Micheals! I'm gonna look for that paper! beautiful card!

Vanessa said...

Adorable card! So cute!

Savitri said...

You're one busy girl this summer!!! I LOVE the card though. Keep creating... even if it's an hour a week. It'll keep you sane :)

Thanks for the congrats. We're doing great. Not catching up on sleep but hey, nothing new there :)