Monday, March 30, 2009

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #25

gold, gold, gold!

007 card- how cool!

Oh man! Have I been on a roll here with these cards! First of all, I am soooo excited about this card! This is my first ever cinema challenge all thanx to Brooke and Sankari (CinemaSaturdayCreativeChallenge)and the fact that I can create a card with the James Bone theme is awesome! I love the James Bond movies and this one is based off of the Goldfinger movie featuring Sean Connery, coolness! So, on with the card, there is tons of gold as Sankari recommended and I went with the european look. Whenever I think of the Bond movies I think of him traveling to all sorts of different countries to track down the villains. So, I found this awesome stamp set at Michael's that had London's Bridge stamp, Eiffel Tower and many others, which I think goes well with the theme here. I googled James Bond silhouette and printed it on card stock, cut it out and traced the image with glitter glue and added more gold, I think I did pretty darn good! (oh and sorry for the smeared edge on the card, shux, I guess the image wasn't quite dry yet :o()

Hope you like,
Clouds :o)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Raspberry Suite Color Challenge Color Challenge

love that button!

up front.

hey there peeps! Just dropping by to submit my first color challenge over at Dawn's- My Favorite Things, she paired really cool colors! You should check it out. I went to Michael's yesterday and found some really awesome chipboard buttons on the dollar section, but they are having markdowns on them and
 got them for $.50 ea! Now that's a bargain. They have about four different colors and I got them all. I used one of them in this card, usually I never use teal but this challenge made it easy to do so. Very simple card, perfect size for a gift card.

Take it easy,
Clouds :o)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Laura's sketch #22

up close.

from the side

I decided to add some pom pom to it.

I'm so happy to catch up with the challenge's this wk, having missed one, I guess I am just in time for this one over at 2S4Y, Laura's Sketch #22. This one was very easy to work with. So I choose bright and fun colors. I've been using a lot of DP lately, cuz I have a ton! and I keep on buying more too, but i love them. Anywhos, It's very simple but yet fun. Hope you like!

Take it easy,
Clouds :o)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Card

up close on the sentiment

there's that gold button ;o)

I did a good job on tying the bow too!

So, it's been a while since I made one, just because I got bored using the same birthday stamps over and over again. But today I bought some new ones (can't remember what the name of the brabd is but I got it at Michael's) and used them right away. I've been shopping a lot lately at Archiver's and to my surprise I saw the awesome Theresa Collins DP and bought some of those as well. I must day though, I've been making too many cards lately that it's beginning to scare me! Oh well, it just means I'm very creative these day ;o)

Ok, the card speaks for itself. Very elegant and very girly. I put a lot of thought into this card because I wanted it to be just beautiful, and I think I succeed! And oh man, did the pics turn out just wonderful, there was a lot of good lighting on this one! Anyways, have a good wkend and let me know what you think of the card!

Take it easy,
Clouds ;o)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Color Inspiration #45

Up close.

from the side.

I'm lovin' this card too!

I've missed a few of Kristina's color challenges over at, I've been busy with other stuff and as always school keeps me busy. I love the color black, it is my favourite! So whenever there's a chance to make a card using it I do. You may think that I 
love purses cuz I've made 2 of them on a card but I really don't. I could spend all day looking at sun
glasses! hmm...maybe I should make a card using sunglasses... Anywhos, I stamped the "purse" image, cut it out and added the straps using silver ribbon with some beads to it, cute! And stamped happy birthday on the card, simple. I 'spose it wud be a nice card for a friend or a female fam member. So, let me know what you think!

Peace out!
Clouds ;o)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Laura's sketch #21

The more I see this card, the more I likey!

cute huh?

Hey there gal pals! I was anxiously awaiting this week's sketch challenge over at 2S4Y so as soon as I knew what sketch it was I went to the drawing board to figure out what I'd make of it (all thanks to Laura!). I bought this awesome DP over at Archivers that I used in the card. Very simple really, I am a little disappointed with myself for not using any stamps on this one but nonetheless I think I did a good job at pairing different colors and accessories to make an acceptable card. The main element on the card is the letter u followed by the star button (I've used the button before on another card). Everything else is basically the DP and some rub on letters to spell out THANK to go along with the U. I really hope you like! Let me know what you think! 

Take it easy,
Clouds :o)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

One Card, Two Challenges

I really like the cute glittery heart!

I've never really had the courage to combine two challenges in one card up until now. So, I used Kazan's sketch #21 from 2S4Y and used colors from Kristina's Color Challenge. The card is really simple, but tons of elements to it. The background is this wonderful DP is found at Archivers and I like it because of the border, this is stuck to a scalloped note card, I really like it. The sketch makes it easy for me to add more backgrounds, like the swirly one and the polka dot one on top of the swirly, all adding up (if that makes sense). And last but not least the circle scalloped punch out with the Happy Birthday saying. Oh, I can't forget about the two pink rhinestones as well, I guess that's it! Hope you like!  

Take it easy,
Clouds :o)