Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Go CU!

Go CU!
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Hello there peeps, another page for ya, honestly, I dunno where all this creativity is coming from, hehe. This scrap was made with AC Thickers in mind, often I browse through American Crafts blog and some times there are challenges I would really like to play to but I dunn have time. This time I did and I went for it. Funny story about this page, it took me forever to get it done, and the base paper was this green pp that was way to bright and didn't go with all the colors, so what did I do? I cut it our of the green paper with heart and pic and taped it to a better looking one! I like the page more and more, so cute and full of colors. The heart, well I luv my college - University of Colorado at Boulder and I luv the hubby, so a heart seemed appropriate. Hope you like it, I hope tomm I can post a card for ya ;o) Thanks so much for the encouragement I've gotten from all you ladies who come by my blog, I really appreciate it, gracias! Well, that's it for now :)

Flickr Post: Click on the pic for larger view and complete list of supplies.

Take it easy,
Clouds :)


Savitri said...

Wow, a totally different approach. A bit more retro compared to your usual style. In fashion term it's more BCBG than your usual JCrew :P

Angie Tieman said...

How fun! That heart is fantastic!