Tuesday, July 20, 2010

new york city '09 scrap

new york city '09
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hello peeps,

A scrap page here tonite. I realized I had quite a bit of pics from our NYC visit last Thanksgiving, so I decided to make another page with them. I really really like the paper, lovely dotted paper with awesome colors. The ribbon? Well my good blog friend Angie passed it on to me, hehe, I told her I was use it in a project I get to keep :) Thanks Angie! Well, the page is a tad bit artsy, I really had no idea how this page would turn out and I just went with it, I like it :) Well, that's it for today, not much going on here, I can't believe the summer semester is almost over, just 2 more wks, yikes! Well, let me know what you think! I'm off to blog hopping!

Flickr Post: Click on the pic for larger view and complete list of supplies!

Take it easy,


Tenia Nelson said...

I love this page Miss Clouds!!! Lovin' all of the colors you have used!!

Brandi said...

Girl when I went to the Museum of Natural History I spent 4 hours (no lie) in it! So fun! Love the layout and the red letters just pop!

Cheryl Nelson said...

So fantabulous!! It has such a metropolitan look!! PERFECT!

Angie Tieman said...

Ooooh, awesome page, and that ribbon totally makes it! ha! ha! Very smart use of your limited resources! I love how you used that city skyline stamp, I have to get that!

Cindy Lee said...

You are on a roll gal!! Love all your scrapbook page!