Monday, September 20, 2010

at the rally - scrap page

at the rally, originally uploaded by CloudsShadler.

Hello there peeps,

It's Mon and a new wk! Time flies when yer having fun! Today brings a scrap page I did on Sat during the VCrop with the awesome ladies of the blogger/crafting world :) I really like this page for two reasons, the design and the letters stickers that pop out! Luv the green color! What rally you ask? This pic was taken wayyy back in '08, when Michelle Obama came to speak at CU-Boulder, my school, I was so excited cuz I had never witnessed any kind of event like this, the mood was there, the young people, old people, came together, it was fun and Michelle Obama was awesome, I even got to shake her hand! :) Well, anyhoot, I really hope you have a great wk, there's another layout to come soon from the VCrop ... Let me know what you think. The design is pretty simple and fun, and of course Jenni Bowlin (Aug, Sept) scrap kits are used on this page, JB still going strong :)

Flickr Post: Click on the pic for complete list of supplies!

Take it easy,
C :)

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Savitri said...

Likey the green! I wish I've met at least one of the Obamas. That'd been awesome!