Friday, September 17, 2010

Reach to the Summit! Scrap Page

Reach to the Summit!, originally uploaded by CloudsShadler.

Hey there peeps,

Second post for the day, I couldn't resist sharing this page with ya! Another of my Jenni Bowlin scrap pages, save perhaps the Basic Grey paper and stapler - everything else is from Jenni Bowlin! Are you getting tired of them? hope not! :) This is a pic of the hubby again, this one is seriously from 2006, the year we got married, actually, the day after we got married! my fam was here for the wedding, their first time in the US and we took them to the Rocky Mtn National Park in Estes, CO. It was such a blast and my parents were amazed by the huge, majestic mountains, it was a sight to remember, nothing like they'd ever seen before! Here Scott is at the top of the summit, some 2.3 miles above sea level (12,000 ft), crazy! you can really get dizzy up there! well you likey? The wkend is already here! insane! This yr is going soooo fast! Well anyhoot, I hope you have a wonderful wkend!

Flickr post: Click on the pic for complete list of supplies!

Take it easy,
C :)

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Savitri said...

You gonna be a scapper now? :P This is AWESOME! I think my favorite so far!!! Keep it up girlie!