Thursday, November 25, 2010

Georgetown DC

Georgetown DC, originally uploaded by CloudsShadler.

Hey there crafty peeps,

If you live in the US, well, Happy Thanksgiving! I'm sure you all stuffed yer tummies till you felt it would burst from all the eating you did, on one sitting! Pretty much the experience on my end here.
I also wanted to share a page with you tonite, one that journals our trip to DC, and our (Scott and I) for Georgetown! It was so busy and full of stores, the row houses so beautifully lined, house after house (some had been turned into business, but the old brick houses still gave their old significance away). It made me think, wow, how was it back in the day, since the town was founded way back in 1751!!!! If you've ever visited, you know what I mean :)
Well, I hope you like the page, I really like the layout and I really enjoyed putting this page together, and so I share it with you :)

Flickr Post: Click on the pic for complete list of supplies.

Take it easy,
C :)


Angie Tieman said...

Great page!! Hope we make it there someday!

Cheryl Nelson said...

So fabulous!

Savitri said...

Awesome page!!! Hope your Thanksgiving was nice! Haven't seen you on the FB. Work and HW's prob. keep you, huh? Hope you got a little break though!! Take care and hugs!!