Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Adore ... XOXO

Adore ... XOXO, originally uploaded by CloudsShadler.

Hey there peeps,

Happy New Years to you all, I hope that this year brings us as much craftiness and creativity as the year before :) New Yrs resolution? not quite, I'm not the kind of person to set myself up for failure. I try to be realistic about what I can and can't do, but i do hope for a few things, for my blog - to just blog more and craft more, and I think that will be doable :) How about you? Is there something you want to accomplish this yr or attempt to? I'd like to know :)

Ok, the card, I love-y!!! Like any crafter out there who moves on to the other occassion so am I :) A very vintage-y valentine/love card, I really like how the red seam binding just pops out, cute embellies and well, Jenni Bowlin bingo card that cannot be missed! Let me know if you likey, and if you have any questions about supplies, email me or just click on the pic for complete list of supplies :)

Take it easy,
Clouds :)


~amy~ said...

love, love, love this!!!!

naomi chokr said...

hello friend!!!!! Its so weird to see valentines cards now. xmas just ended!

so i dont do resolutions... i pic a word just like AE. I chose "conquer."

I hope to conquer my fears, insecurities and conquer the photography world by storm!! Hehehe! Crossing my fingers!

Oh and craft more, blog more and comment more and use my stuff!

Viola Mahr said...

I kinda love that bingo card too much :) .... sweet, sweet card. Thank you for sharing, clouds-y! ;)


Savitri said...

I do goals... things I can check off my list :P Now the card... whoa, this Clouds? So not the usual but I likey. You've gotten Anthropologie on me here :P

CeeCee said...

oh.... j'adoooooore! That card is beautiful.