Sunday, January 16, 2011

Friend's Affection and New Blog.

Friend's Affection, originally uploaded by CloudsShadler.

Hey there peeps,

I hope yer wkend went well, not much on my end 'cept work and more work. Today I bring you a card that was meant for a pub call but didn't get accepted so I figured I'd post it instead. Lots of JB stuff, friends theme and real cute. I really like the Studio Calico Dress Form stamp, perfect for the card. Do you likey?

Couple things before I go, this might be sort of long post so hold on there ... :)

1. My host sister (long time ago) Brittany Meek has just recently created a brand new cute card blog, which can be reached HERE, here blog is called Darling Creations and she writes about herself so you can get to know her. She's just started out and I want you all to show her some luv and go by here blog and welcome here, cuz that's what we do rite? Remember when we all started out and it was wonderful when you got yer first few comments and it was nice to know that people know yer out there? I'm sure you do, so lets show here some luv and let her know we care!

2.. I need help with something, or at least advice. So we- Scott and I live in an apt complex, we are on garden level, so that means people live above us. For the last 5 yrs we've been here, we've liked it, real nice and quiet. Last yr though, a family moved in, they are real heavy set and since they have young kids, they move around a lot and unfortunately, we can hear their every step, where they are in the apt and it goes on till late at nite around 2a in da morning. It's hell, especially since I'm a lite sleeper. We;ve made our rounds to the leasing office, they have let it come to their attn and we've had to knock on their door to let them know that they are rowdy. I know they are young kids, but this happens 24/7 and even late at nite, they've said they;re sorry and they'll try to keep in down but I dunn think they get it. We've been real nice about it, gone the right way to address this but it's not enough. At times, I swear one of them will crack the roof with all their walking around and fall on top of us :S it's really that bad. So, they are not cooperating, and it's not fun coming home anymore. I rarely post personal stuff on my blog, but I am not sure what my next move is, have any of you come across anything like this? I need some advice. Help!!?!?! Anything will be greatly appreciated!

Take it easy,
C :)


Ashley Cannon Newell said...

This is such a pretty card, Clouds! I love the colors and layers. Sorry about loud neighbors. I had to deal with that when I lived in a condo and apartments. I don't think there's much you can do, but plan to move and select top floor next time around.

Ann said...

Love this pretty card, Clouds! That flower & twine with the dress form are fabulous!

Sorry about the loud neighbors. I don't think you can do much else, especially since it sounds like it's just the regular "moving around" kind of noise. Bummer, though! :(

Tenia Nelson said...

Love this card Miss Lady!!! The neighbors....what a bummer dude..sorry you have to go through that "stuff"!! See ya tomorrow...can't wait!!

Tiff said...

Clouds, your card is amazing and I'm sad it was a no-go for the pubs! THere's always next time.

As for your neighbors, shame on them for choosing 2nd floor! I have a family and would NEVER subject any neighbors to our stomping, hopping, jumping, pounding,!

I would arrange to move to another apt in the same complex. It sounds like it's making you unhappy and you've take the necessary steps to ask your neighbors to make changes. If it's important to your well-being and sanity (LOL), MOVE NOW!

Cindy Lee said...

Love your card, gal! It's so pretty and shabby!

I hate loud neighbors! They annoyed the hell outta me. I lived in an apartment and let me tell you that the tenant above me moved their chair/furnityre loudly every night, I mean every midnight! I can even hear their footstep. I am sure they stomp with their feet. There's nothing much we can do with such people other than moving out.

Laura O'Donnell said...

sorry about the neighbors. I don't know what to tell you, except to move. love your card!

Brittany said...

Hey Clouds! Thanks so much for mentioning me. It means so much! One of your friends did come over and comment, you are right; those first few comments mean so much!! We're in the process of moving so all my crafting gear is packed...sad day. But soon I'll have a whole room! Woo hoo! Anyways, thanks for mention. Also, I hope the noisy neighbors move soon or listen to the management! Nothing is worse than not feeling relaxed at home. Good luck!! Love ya!

Anthonette said...

Gorgeous card, Clouds!

Sorry to hear about your neighbor dilema. I'm with Tiff, shame on them for moving into a second floor unit. Even with one child, I would never move into an upper level. Even when I rent hotel rooms, I try to avoid renting upper units. I spend my time telling Kalino to be mindful of the people downstairs; little kids just don't get it. Even today, I'm searching for condo rentals in Maui & I'm trying to find a garden-level unit. Hopefully your manager can move you to a better unit. I know it's a HUGE hassle, but it's relief from your current situation.

Savitri said...

I had that kind of neighbor once. He single and at work during the day but when he comes home, my goodness!! HELL! Good thing he went to bed early and that we weren't there for long. I dunno what to tell you except get top floor next time or get a two level kind of condo, so no neighbors above/under you. Hopefully the left and/or right cooperates. That totally sucks tho!