Sunday, January 23, 2011

The usual stuff

The usual stuff, originally uploaded by CloudsShadler.

Hey there peeps,

Hope yer Sun is going well. I didn't have to work today so it was wonderful to sleep in. Thank you so much for pitching in yer 2 cents on my previous post - the dilemma concerning my noisy neighbors. So perhaps I shall indulge and let you know that once again Scott and I made to the leasing office and well, they are trying to take care of it and I think that the people above us are moving soon, we hope this is real soon, for the sake of my sanity!

Anyhoot, the page, made with my JB Jan paper crafting kit which can be found HERE. Lots of fun paper to work with, cute elements and other JB embellies which can be found at their online store. (it may sound as if I'm advertising their shtuff but I'm not, hehe) The pic is of me and my fav fav scraf, so soft and colorful! I'm taking a french class this semester since Scott and I are planning on our Europe trip this year. The french language is something I've always been fascinated with, and find it easy to grasp. Thank goodness this time I have friends who know french, so it helps, they are wonderful and cheering me on. It's heaven, learning another language, hopefully I can master it in the future....Flickr post, so click on the pic for complete list of supplies.

Au Revoir ;D


Brandi said...

Cute layout Clouds. French seems like a fun language to learn, I once took spanish but didn't pick it up fast enough. Good luck!

Laura O'Donnell said...

every time I see your layouts I go over to JBS and contemplate subscribing. you enabler!

~amy~ said...

Love it...I do love your scrappy style!

Tiff said...

I love your fresh spin on all the Jenni B stuff! Glad to here your leasing office is taking some action! HUGS

Savitri said...

Another great one! You're awesome with the white space ya know!