Saturday, April 23, 2011

hello craft-friend!

hello craft-friend!, originally uploaded by CloudsShadler.

hello there peeps,

Another wkend and another post, this one here is using Jenni Bowlin (April 2011) Paper-Crafting Kit, such amazing goodies and wonderful colors to work with :)

Can you tell who that is with me in the pic? hint - she's an amazing crafter and I luv her Watch-Me-Weds videos :) She is the third blogger-craft friend I've met in person, and she's wonderful! It's always nice to meet fellow craft friends since we share a common hobby and so there's plenty to talk about :) You can find here blog HERE.

The page is fairly simple and sweet, lots of layering and misting ... misting is something I try to do once in a while, it's a nice effect to add to a project and much like this one, if you have a cool stencil to use, it really does add dimension! Do you like my polaroid frame? super easy to make ... (still working on that video tut for you) ...

Well, I hope yer wkend went well, not much going on here ... French class is almost over and there will be more time to craft once it's over!

Take it easy,
C :)

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Nirupama said...

So beautiful. I love the vellum flower, i need to remember to use it more often! It adds such a soft touch.