Friday, July 15, 2011


Thanks by CloudsShadler
Thanks, a photo by CloudsShadler on Flickr.

Hello there peeps,

Hope you don't feel neglected, I have been busy this past wk with so many things! But, first up, a card here using Jenni Bowlin Haven paper and PTI's Daydreamer stamp set. Both gorgeous to work with. The card is pretty simple, some paper here, stamps there and voila!

Well, since I've been busy with "things" this wk, I'd figure I'd let you in on ... 1) We are moving to the "city," so Scotty boy and I have been busy looking at places to rent, and boy, it's a jungle out there! Mostly because the places we'd like to live in are very popular, very hip, up and coming places that the young crowd have dominated, so everybody wants to move in that area as well ... 2) I have been getting my nurse aide cert this past few mths, we are on the last stretch, so close! 3) As of Tues, I became an American citizen. Yes, I am legit, yes I'm a crazy american, yes, I will eventually have to serve on jury duty and well, the best part for me - vote! Vote in a federal election. If there's one thing people shouldn't take for granted, is your right to vote. So, this wk I had interviews to finalize my citizenship, lots of running around, making sure my papers were in line. I am very happy, very honored to be a US citizen :)

Well, I hope you have a great wkend, Colorado weather although "weird" as always has been gracing us with beautiful weather like today, bright and sunny!

Take it easy,
C :)


Laura O'Donnell said...

wow, you've been busy!

love the card!

Sarah Martina said...

1) Congrats on becoming an full fledged citizen! I hope you're celebrating! :)

2) Kudos to you for pushing through with your cert. I know you'll do well! Good luck! :)

3) Which city? Did I miss that (Going back to re-read, lol!)

4) STUNNING card! I love it!!!

Cheryl Nelson said...

Congrats on becoming a US citizen!! I am so happy for you!!! Your card could not be more GORGEOUS!!! LOVE it!

~amy~ said...

love your card...I simply adore your style.

okay..moving into the fun...hope you get some scrappy/stampy place in the deal:)

yahooo for the nurses aide cert....

woot woot for your citizenship...I just received my renewed green card and what a pain in the neck that's a ploy to get me to become a was the test? My memory stinks except for blogs and crafty stuff..LOL.

Anthonette said...

Congrats on everything going on with your life! That's awesome you became a citizen.

The card is fab; love the pop of color!

Brandi said...


This card is so cute! The pink flower just pops off the page.

I am so happy for you with your nurse aide certification and U.S. citizenship. How exciting! I bet all of the hard work paid off and made you feel fabulous! Celebrate girlfriend!!!

Savitri said...

Has it been tbis long since I visited. God, bad friend me! !! Love this! Completely your style!!