Wednesday, December 7, 2011

dec daily - day 1 - a day at work

hello there peeps,

The very first page of my dec daily album is finally put together! The dec daily project started out well, but first let me tell you that I missed a couple days and decided that I'll move on to the following days, that way I don't feel overwhelmed and well, easier to move forward. The page is pretty simple, I adjusted the size of the pages to 5X5 pages, perfect for the pics I've been taking and easy to put together. I know I'm a tad behind of posting my pages but it's never too late!

dec 1st 2011 - Brittany, my work buddy and I, we sit across from each other at the law firm, more than often we goof off, get rowdy and enjoy working together, this day is no different.

Take it easy,


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Love it, Clouds!