Friday, December 9, 2011

dec daily - day 5 - archiver's most frequent customer

Hello there,

I have day 5 of dec daily to share with you today, a very simple page. lots of lines on both pp, I really like the contrast it still creates though, and of course the pop of color from the snowflake. I also like how simple my pages have been, which is a good thing if I'll be doing this for the rest of the month, otherwise I would never finish! The pic is taken with the Instagram app of my iPhone, it really does come in handy!

dec 5 2011 - Hands down, I'm the MOST regular customer at Archivers in Westminster, CO - Almost all the ladies know me by name, the mangager, the asst mgr, seriously, all of them, so yes, I've earned it the title of ... "archiver's most frequent customer '11" :) What can say?1?#

Clouds :)


Laura O'Donnell said...

your DD is coming out great! where are you putting the journaling, or is that just for us :) anyway, I love it!

I've had an instax camera in my cart at amazon for awhile now and you're really making me want to hit the trigger.

~amy~ said...

:) love it!

Natt Smith said...

lol that's my fav store also since we are back to Denver metro I'm so happy to be able to go there everyday.