Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ikea - 7/30/11

Ikea - 7/30/11 by CloudsShadler
Ikea - 7/30/11, a photo by CloudsShadler on Flickr.

Hey there folks,

No crafty stuff today but a few pics (click on the pic to see the rest of 'em) of my day at Ikea! If you live in the CO area you would realize that this is a big deal - to have an Ikea in the Denver area! Mind you the Swedish furniture store just opened its doors on Wed and people have been pouring into the store since then. Me, Scott and our close friends decided to join the crowds (we couldn't contain ourselves) and make our way to see what it had to offer ... great show rooms, food, home furnishings and accessories for all.

As some of you might know, Scott and I are moving to the city of Denver and well, this was worth the trip, actually, this was perfect timing because we are getting rid of most if not all of our furniture and trading it in for new ones! mostly we are looking for dining table, bed frame, and office/crafty desks ..

One last thing, you might've noticed the quality of my pics have upgraded :) We finally bought a DSLR camera and we've already realized that the investment was worth every penny! The pics are really good (two amateurs taking pics)! We bought a Nikon D7000. Scott has missed no chance on taking pics of everyone in sight!

Take it easy,
C :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mini Album - JBS

Mini Album by CloudsShadler
Mini Album, a photo by CloudsShadler on Flickr.

hello there peeps,

A good mid wk to ya! it's Wed! Time flies ... this wkend Scotty boy and I were on a wkend vaca to SF (pics to come soon) and it was wonderful, the weather was somewhat chilly and we went for a wedding, it was lovely!

My first mini album ever! ever! I had a vcrop w/fellow blogger/friend Savitri and had recently received the Jenni Bowlin July kit, and I figured, may, just maybe I can intend to make a mini album! The kit is full of lovely paper, and cute embellishments .. The ring binder is from Tim Holtz (I had been hoarding it). So, I started by simply cutting paper to about 3"X5" and some I cut smaller, some wider, that way I can see the many papers a bit and used a two hole puncher (the ones offices use), it came out well! I was very surprised!

I didn't photograph the rest of the album on the inside because I haven't added any pics .. but it's tiny and cute and perfect for a starters ... All supplies are exclusively from the July kit . Lemme know what you think!

Take it easy,
C :)

Friday, July 15, 2011


Thanks by CloudsShadler
Thanks, a photo by CloudsShadler on Flickr.

Hello there peeps,

Hope you don't feel neglected, I have been busy this past wk with so many things! But, first up, a card here using Jenni Bowlin Haven paper and PTI's Daydreamer stamp set. Both gorgeous to work with. The card is pretty simple, some paper here, stamps there and voila!

Well, since I've been busy with "things" this wk, I'd figure I'd let you in on ... 1) We are moving to the "city," so Scotty boy and I have been busy looking at places to rent, and boy, it's a jungle out there! Mostly because the places we'd like to live in are very popular, very hip, up and coming places that the young crowd have dominated, so everybody wants to move in that area as well ... 2) I have been getting my nurse aide cert this past few mths, we are on the last stretch, so close! 3) As of Tues, I became an American citizen. Yes, I am legit, yes I'm a crazy american, yes, I will eventually have to serve on jury duty and well, the best part for me - vote! Vote in a federal election. If there's one thing people shouldn't take for granted, is your right to vote. So, this wk I had interviews to finalize my citizenship, lots of running around, making sure my papers were in line. I am very happy, very honored to be a US citizen :)

Well, I hope you have a great wkend, Colorado weather although "weird" as always has been gracing us with beautiful weather like today, bright and sunny!

Take it easy,
C :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Few & Far In Between ...

Yes, that is what pics of me and the hubby are, few and far in between! We dislike taking pics, we are not photogenic ppl, so they are a rarity! But, this one, this one is ok! And of course, paper by Jenni Bowlin (June 2011) Kit using their Haven line, so vintage and earthy colors! The misting effect was made using just simple watercolor paint. I dabbed my brush into water without wiping the excess water, that way I mix enough watercolor paint onto it and have enough to sprinkle onto the whole page. You should try it, it's really inexpensive and it beats the misting bottles out there, and it has the same charming effect!

Well, it's 4th of July wkend and Scotty boy and I have to whole entire wkend to ourselves! And hiking season is at its peak now so we'll be busy being outdoorsy :)

Happy 4th,
Clouds :)