Sunday, December 11, 2011

dec daily - day 7 - a very jcrew holiday

hello there peeps,

day 7 of DD pic to share with you, my dear blogger friend Laura (it's all rosie) asked, where is your journaling? Well, there isn't really, I have a difficult time journaling my scrap pages ... but pics are worth a thousand words right? :) Not much going on this wkend, still of course, doing some last minute shopping before our trip to Bze.

dec 7 2011 - this year JCrew has has some really nice sales, and the hubby and I have enjoyed getting some nice clothes from them, which may not be a good thing for our savings, but we'll sure look good in our outfits :) When he first saw this page he asked - "why are you on this pic?" ha! smart ass!


Saturday, December 10, 2011

dec daily - day 6 - whole foods - whole paycheck

hello there,

day 6 of dec daily, and rest assured I've missed a day or two so far, but fear not, I'm still DD strong, still motivated and excited about this project! This wk marks exactly one wk to Bze, I'm really excited to be traveling back home to see family and friends, with that said, I won't be posting or blogging until my return. i hope you like the page, I've enjoyed my use of watercolor misting, very easy and fun technique to add to layouts.

dec 6 2011 - Don't get me wrong, I luv Whole Foods, the food is great and their coffee excellent, there's a fairly new one by our new place, they even have a pasta bar where they serve italian food!


Friday, December 9, 2011

dec daily - day 5 - archiver's most frequent customer

Hello there,

I have day 5 of dec daily to share with you today, a very simple page. lots of lines on both pp, I really like the contrast it still creates though, and of course the pop of color from the snowflake. I also like how simple my pages have been, which is a good thing if I'll be doing this for the rest of the month, otherwise I would never finish! The pic is taken with the Instagram app of my iPhone, it really does come in handy!

dec 5 2011 - Hands down, I'm the MOST regular customer at Archivers in Westminster, CO - Almost all the ladies know me by name, the mangager, the asst mgr, seriously, all of them, so yes, I've earned it the title of ... "archiver's most frequent customer '11" :) What can say?1?#

Clouds :)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

dec daily - day 4 - oh xmas tree

Hello there peeps,

A page here for dec daily - I'm totally luving the mini album and the size rocks! I think I may stick to white/cream paper and embellish with fun reds, blues etc. I think the colors pop that way better!

Dec daily - day 4 - "oh xmas tree" - the hubby and I decided that no matter how big or small a house we have, we'll stick to a small xmas tree, it's adorable and easy to decorate, initially we weren't going to put it up since we are leaving for Bze for Xmas but we caved in and put it up - we luv it!

Take it easy,

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

dec daily - day 1 - a day at work

hello there peeps,

The very first page of my dec daily album is finally put together! The dec daily project started out well, but first let me tell you that I missed a couple days and decided that I'll move on to the following days, that way I don't feel overwhelmed and well, easier to move forward. The page is pretty simple, I adjusted the size of the pages to 5X5 pages, perfect for the pics I've been taking and easy to put together. I know I'm a tad behind of posting my pages but it's never too late!

dec 1st 2011 - Brittany, my work buddy and I, we sit across from each other at the law firm, more than often we goof off, get rowdy and enjoy working together, this day is no different.

Take it easy,