Wednesday, December 5, 2012

DD '12 - Day 1 - The Kitchen

DD '12 - Day 1 - 12/1/12 by CloudsShadler
DD '12 - Day 1 - 12/1/12, a photo by CloudsShadler on Flickr.
hello there peeps,

Day 1 of DD - that Sat the hubby and I went to "The Kitchen" for lunch in downtown Denver, the food was great and the atmosphere very chic! Not bad for lunch huh? I wanted to start the mini album with a pic of my and Scott, so rare these days, but there you have it! I also used some of my past page layouts for my DD pages, very good idea for spur of the moment scrapping.

You like? I hope so, more pages to come soon - so far the picture taking hasn't been bad, my phone & Instagram make it all happen!

Take it easy,
C :)


~amy~ said...

awesome start! love your page!

Wida said...

wonderful first page! love the flair