Sunday, March 17, 2013

hello darling card

hello darling card by CloudsShadler
hello darling card, a photo by CloudsShadler on Flickr.
Hey there peeps,

A card here using the new CP Maggie Holmes 6X6 paper pad - really beautiful and colorful collection, I just had to have it so I ordered it online. I wanted the card to be simple and layered. Again, the accordion flower made with my Martha Stewart score board, lovely. I am also trying to use all the washi tape I've managed to accumulate ( err hoard), mind you I'm not a big fan of washi tape but kept piling up with the kits I purchased.

We've got some really talented and fun ladies in Colorado - every once in a while we'll plan on meeting up @ the local Archivers store and catch up on all the happenings - this time I had the pleasure to meet Lisa Petrella (Bellalistona), Vivian Masket (Right Side Up) - newbies and of course plain fun Wida Miller (Beachorado), Alyssa Scritchfield (ACS Paper Creations); Tenia Nelson (Jazzy Paper Designs). My friend Shannon (from college) also joined - so it was a nice group to peek and see what they're up to in crafts and get to know them more. So much fun.

Anyhoot, I hope you like!


Lisa Petrella said...

SO CUTE! Lovin' the mix of patterned papers and your accordian flower! Hoping the incredible creativity of you girls will rub off on me during these crafty get togethers!!! Such a fun group!!

~amy~ said...

Such a sweet card!!!! I bet you girls had so much fun!!!

Angie Tieman said...

Awesome card! You do have some fun, talented girls in CO, lucky!

Wida said...

there it is!!! the card and I did have so much fun with you all. It is just easy, you know? to next time!! I am going to try smaller cards more often :)

Alyssa S said...

Is this the card you said we weren't going to see again till it was in print?? ;o) Super fun time...let's do it again soon!