Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Valentine Postcard

Hello peeps,

Today I'm sharing a card I made a couple weeks ago. I made this card primarily with the Jan'15 add-on kit from Gossamer Blue (click HERE). When I made this card I had a postcard in mind and the accessories where just right for the theme of the card. There's a lot packed on this card, the accessories, the layering of the patterned paper, bright red color and gold highlights with pink and also dimension.

In person, the card is really stunning. So, I wanted to expand on my comment a couple posts ago as to why I enjoy making Valentine's Day cards. There's a couple reasons to that. Mainly, there's a renewed sense of creativity at the beginning of the year and with my resolution to make cards, Valentine's day is always the perfect opportunity to be creative. There is also the bright red and pink combo that I like. Lastly, my parents got married on Valentine's day (I know, kind of cheesy but it's true!) and my anniversary is right around the same time too (a couple days after Valentine's day). So, lots of reason to be excited about said day and while some people steer away from this event, I embrace it.

Do you do celebrate Valentine's day? If so, what do you do? Leave me a note if you'd like to share.

Take care,
C :)

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Danielle Flanders said...

Sooo pretty! You'll have to show me how you made the heart!